Monday, June 16, 2008

What prompted me to start a blog


Today is my very first post. The reason I decided to start a blog is because I thought I had something to share. I know I can't possibly be the only 40 something woman who struggles with weight. The struggle began before I turned 40 but continues into my 40's because I don't think I addressed the issue in my earlier years. I've always loss weight "for" something. I've learned that this has to be a lifestyle change. The weight loss needs to be the by product not the reason.

You say what made me change my way of thinking? I went to the doctor for my physical and do you know what she said to me. She said "your heart is very healthy". I knew then that the running had paid off! No I haven't loss the weight I want to lose but I was healthy. That's the goal. So that made me want to continue and change the way I thought about exercise. I truly know that exercise is only part of the solution. The main portion of the weightloss equation is the foods we eat.

I don't know about y'all but African Americans love their food! And my oh my do I love good food. My friends and I will drive for good food. And I don't mean 20 minutes down the road. I've driven up to 4 hours each way in one day for All you can eat crab legs. Now ya feelin me! I enjoy my food. However, I've now realized that those types of trips can't be often and the majority of the time I have to eat better.

So this blog was started to share my journey on becoming a healthier eater, and along the way maybe I'll inspire a few folks.

The reason I chose the title Road to Fitness instead of The Road to a healthier Me or The Road to Weight Loss is because The Road to Fitness can incorporate other aspects besides just Weight Loss. I want to be fit mentally, physically and financially. I have neglected these things in my youth and hope to correct that in my forties. Will you take that journey with me? As much as I hope to inspire I hope to learn.


Married Lady

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